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I fell in love with broadcasting at 13 after I started a podcast and video show out of my bedroom. Over six years later, this passion has grown to a sponsored video show, my own radio talk show, play-by-play and production roles for ESPN+, hosting the local evening news show at my college, and working in various roles throughout production.

While I am extremely grateful for the opportunities broadly stated above, I am aware that I do not have the answer to every question, but through collaboration, humility, hard work, and patience I have the ability and determination to self-initiate solutions. As a result of dedication grounded in focus and purpose, I have a track record of being versatile and adaptable in sports media. I bring years of experience in talent and production positions within TV and radio.

I was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and raised in East Providence, Rhode Island. I attend the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College and I’m expected to graduate in May of 2020. I thank you for using your valuable time to look over my website.

401-829-5037 – nickfriendtv@gmail.com


401-829-5037 – nickfriendtv@gmail.com